I got given a sourdough starter

All the videos online are at least 3 hours long.

what do I do (comedy answers welcome but not preferred)

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I literally searched first

If you were Homer Simpson you’d have a sourd’oh


feed it
if you keep it in the fridge, you don’t have to feed it so often, like once a week or so
if you leave it out at room temp you need to feed it once a day
when you come to use it you want to have enough for your bread, and a bit leftover to keep it going. My rule of thumb is 320g starter for 800g flour (for two loaves, you don’t need to be that specific btw). I’d bung in 460ml water to that and some salt. I don’t bother kneading it. I just get it all stirred in, leave it til bedtime then put it in the fridge, then second prove it in the bread baskets and bake the following day when it’s risen again.

oh, should add, that before you use it for baking, get it back to room temp, fed, and so it’s nice and bubbly.


Just keep feeding it flour and water until you get bored then throw it away



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Just to be clear this isn’ta comedy answer. It is really really easy to make a sourdough starter and an incredibly big faff to keep it alive so you’ve been given the simple part. Nobody sells bread that’s entirely made from sourdough because it’s full of massive holes and tastes crap so they sell standard bread with a bit of sourdough in for taste which is probably the best option.

Just find a bread recipe, make it and add a bit of your starter to it

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Twisted sourdough starter


Is it 2020 again?

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Yeah, its like “Hello? 2020 called and they want their sourdough starter back…”


Was Adele’s song Hello about a sourdough starter started in 2020?

Yes. Get outside and clap, the NHS are running low on energy!

I only really want to make bagels tbh. Does your statement work for that?

That sounds really complicated

Order a better main tbh


Don’t make it as runny as all the tips seem to say and you can keep it in the fridge for weeks without even touching it. Feed it the day before making your dough and you’ll be fine.


Knocks me sick that you have to “feed” this




make the leaven the night before and leave it in a tea towel covered bowl on the side

stretch and fold: with the dough in the bowl, grab two fingers worth from one edge and pull it outwards, up and back over the centre of the rest, pressing it back down onto the dough, then rotate the bowl a bit and repeat until you’ve covered the whole lot. You’ll notice it tightening up as you go. This is a particularly stiff dough so you won’t need to go round more than once before it becomes to tight to do it without tearing.