I guess this is TUESDAY then. A thread

Morning deadheads.

Been in the office since 6:50am. But I’m leaving at 3:15pm to go and play golf so it ain’t so bad.

Saw Detroit last night. Brilliant.

Also saw Parquet Courts, but I missed the highlight of the night, Lo-Pan.


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Got to go back to the office after three weeks out. :-1:

How depressing

It’ll be tough…but if anyone can get through it, it’s you.










Doing three tours back to back - six hours of talking! Then going to otherside of Manchester to feed my mates cats, then picking up an online order from the middle of nowhere, have to get back to my flat to tody it for people staying, then going to my friends all before Jnr’s bedtime and staying there. Got a shitload of work to do tonight but doesn’t seem likely, and have to plan and pack for Birmingham tomorrow (any tips on what to see/do?), then Mallorca the day after.



I’m WFH today cause I got back from Oslo quite late last night and I’m very tired now. Oslo is brilliant.

Got to sort my shit out to fly to Singapore on Friday.

Good morning. Having coffee and cereal but then have nothing to do for the next ten hours. Might put some clothes in a charity bin. Band practice tonight tho, only two left before recording. Wahhhh!!

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Just seen this on bbc news :joy:

The car park was locked again. Reckon whoever’s job it is to unlock it in the morning has pissed off on holiday without arranging cover. Helpful.

Got a load of work to do today because the spiteful Americans sent through loads of shit yesterday.

Warm out.

So friends are supposed to be coming up to see The XX at SWG3. But got tonsillitis , so they might not come and if they do I probabky won’t be a great host. Making me pretty miserable.

The academic year is two days old: I’ve had one safeguarding concern already and this morning I’ll be putting together resources for a course I’ve never taught before in a subject I’m only mildly experienced to teach.

Seriously, fuck this for a game of soldiers.

Welcome to every day in my office!

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Three days of summer , then its Tuesday !


I tell you what guys I am not feeling it at all today.


I am now in "work"
I don’t really understand how I’m getting paid to DiS and listen to Elliott Smith on a headset but I guess that’s modern capitalism


ah fuck it man, look after yerself first!

stayed up until about 2am playing CiV 5 with some friends so I’m preeeetty preeetty tired this morning.

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Hey Scout, that does all seem like a lot of stuff to get through but at least you’ve got Mallorca and some sun to look forward to :+1:
Think I’m gonna head out in a few weeks to sit about, read and drink some nice wine