I guess this is TUESDAY then. A thread

Hey Scout, that does all seem like a lot of stuff to get through but at least you’ve got Mallorca and some sun to look forward to :+1:
Think I’m gonna head out in a few weeks to sit about, read and drink some nice wine

First day at new job today.


You’ll be grand, go get em tiger :+1:


Good luck!

I am waiting to be told if I’ve got the job I went for last week :cold_sweat: I think I’ve got it but can’t celebrate just yet. Celebration/commiseration drinks in the park with my bffs tonight.

Last night saw parquet courts who were excellent. Also saw Severed but not casinobay.
Oh and also went back to ramen dayo, fucking love that place :+1:
Now running a tad late for work.

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Remember to punch the first person you see in the face so nobody will fuck with you.

Good luck!


The weather doesn’t look that great the week I’m there, hoping it sorts itself out!

You heading to the north again? I never get up there as I can’t cope with anymore travel time after a flight with Jnr

There’s some new people starting in my office today, wonder if one is mistersteve.

Careful, he might try to punch you in the face.

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what are you selling this time?

Resident evil merchant.jpg
(fairly popular boxes of food to your house mobile app)


I’m sure the sun will shine for you and jnr :grinning::sun_with_face:
Yeah heading up the top to Puerto pollensa, canny wait, so looking forward to doing so little :+1:

Morning all. Got a decent bit of kip in so feeling a bit refeshed. Ten hours of sleep will do that I suppose.

Was paid for a job this morning so pretty happy with that. Have to organise going to Electric Picnic now.

I was honestly just about to!

but now i wont

I just made a cup of tea and I think the milk I put in it was off.


Today is like Bleak Week after a music festival.

Don’t normally work tuesdays but got to go in this afternoon cos someones knocked all their front teeth out in a car crash.
Then I’m going for a Big Mac :tm: and to see parquet courts at wylam brewery
was reading an interview with the lead singer and he was talking about his favourite english beers and says he loves Carling! what a loser! might boo him

can’t read what it says tbh

keep calm and love usher?



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I kinda hoped it said usher too :blush:

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