I had a good idea for a thread

what was it? I can’t remember


it had some polls in it but could have been non poll too if that helps

Was it about carrots?

I don’t think so but the answer is raw is better

Great things posted on social media?

What do we reckon?

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I rarely check that thread, it’s gotten too big and out of control for me now

The no poll supporters are boycotting this poll

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UK Politics March 2023?

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no thank you

but then I got high?


Then I’m not sure sorry

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I always get that confused with the song that goes like “at least in heaven I can skate!”

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probably because skating and getting high are complimentary activities

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complementary? sorry I don’t know which to use

and I get THAT song mixed up with this

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and I get THAT song mixed up with Weezer’s Teenage Dirtbag

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turns out you can type any old shite into this forum!

Any old shite

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see! it doesn’t even have to be good!

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