I hate Bez


fuck off


I remember seein him DJ at a club when I was a student. Cost about ten pounds and all he did was play his own records, shout ‘can I get a witness’ repeatedly and drink Red Stripe


Shaun’s a national treasure though


That sounds great tbf


It really wasn’t!


Bargain Hunt gate


Sold him some Rizlas once.

Saw Ian Brown in the vegan supermarket the other week with an armful of leeks and getting really annoyed with the dithering customer infront of him.


In black dog in the northern quarter a few years ago and he was trying to scrounge cigs off the people I was with. Ended up telling him to fuck off. Someone not involved in the conversation came over and got in my face saying “you can’t talk to bez like that” :joy:



He seems like a twat as well, unless I’m missing something.


Happy Monday!


Not sure what you expected from a bloke who danced for the Mondays :smiley:


I saw him dj at Stone Love or Bulletproof in Newcastle years ago. He just kept shouting twisting my melons throughout his playlist and he looked like Albert Steptoe too.


Watched that celebrity Bargain Hunt last night. Found it funny that despite cheating the Happy Mondays team only managed to make an 8 pound profit!


jesus, that’s depressing.

imagine that was your life.




We have an IT guy who works from home and everyone is always excitedly going on about him being just like Bez.

Met him at a conference and he was just a man from Manchester


I enjoyed that they decided to put a signed copy of the seminal classic EP Live in Barcelona up for sale. Of all the things from your back catalogue to pick.


takes off glasses.

So what you’re saying is…
… he’s just like Bez!

Puts sunglasses on.
Struts away.


Jarvis couldn’t even be bothered to show up to see Bez’s downfall.
Reckon he was fucking fuming.