I have 5 days of holiday left to use at work


Would you…

  • Use them in a chunk for a whole week
  • Take off 5 seperate days across the weeks

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Probably just take 5 Mondays off between now and Christmas


Depends on your job. A day off each week for me would mean having to do the same amount of work in a compressed week, so basically bollocks to that.


when does your holiday year run until?




With the weekends either side, that could be 9 consecutive days off!




First draft (of a worst case scenario) dEUS lyrics?

needs work


Depends if you fancy/can afford a holiday really,


It’s five days, I’m in love


I’ve got five (days leave) on it*

*Leave calendar

needs work


“It’s been, five days since you went to work…”


every monday or friday off in the lead up to christmas


Yes, this is an important question. And have you (@tkc) already booked your Christmas leave?

Too many variables to comment at the moment.


If you didn’t use this for a proper holiday though, then do the weekend thing


my holidays are January till January, and I already have the following dates booked as holiday

20/21 November
30 Nov/4 December
Off for Christmas from the 18th December through to the New Year


Bloody hell, check out Barry Holidays here.

I’d probably carry it over if I could. But if not, I’d take a couple more long weekends.


Depends if you’re wanting to go away. A week if you are, single days if you’re not.


its only cause I did nothing over summer or have any cause to use them really so I just took a lot over Christmas and still got a lot left over!

i cant carry them over either :frowning:


leaning towards this. probs cant afford to go away as the 2 holidays I have are for London/Amsterdam so I reckon single days is the key