I have 5 days of holiday left to use at work

Would you…

  • Use them in a chunk for a whole week
  • Take off 5 seperate days across the weeks

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Probably just take 5 Mondays off between now and Christmas


Depends on your job. A day off each week for me would mean having to do the same amount of work in a compressed week, so basically bollocks to that.

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when does your holiday year run until?

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With the weekends either side, that could be 9 consecutive days off!


First draft (of a worst case scenario) dEUS lyrics?

needs work

Depends if you fancy/can afford a holiday really,

It’s five days, I’m in love

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I’ve got five (days leave) on it*

*Leave calendar

needs work


“It’s been, five days since you went to work…”

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every monday or friday off in the lead up to christmas

Yes, this is an important question. And have you (@tkc) already booked your Christmas leave?

Too many variables to comment at the moment.

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If you didn’t use this for a proper holiday though, then do the weekend thing

my holidays are January till January, and I already have the following dates booked as holiday

20/21 November
30 Nov/4 December
Off for Christmas from the 18th December through to the New Year

Bloody hell, check out Barry Holidays here.

I’d probably carry it over if I could. But if not, I’d take a couple more long weekends.


Depends if you’re wanting to go away. A week if you are, single days if you’re not.

its only cause I did nothing over summer or have any cause to use them really so I just took a lot over Christmas and still got a lot left over!

i cant carry them over either :frowning:

leaning towards this. probs cant afford to go away as the 2 holidays I have are for London/Amsterdam so I reckon single days is the key