I have 5 days of holiday left to use at work

I would never use holiday at work. Imho, that defeats the purpose of holiday.

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What sort of sick wrongness is this?! Fridays are the day when nobody does any work anyway. A leave Monday is the treat that keeps on giving.

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Took a day off on Monday, went for a drink on Tuesday, took another day off on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday and went back to a load of shit to do a day early on Sunday.

Craig David… first draft… etc etc


Nah. Taking Monday off is a fanciful way of avoiding ‘having a Monday’ or similar. But taking Monday off just defers those Monday vibes to Tuesday. You can’t escape them - just gotta roll with it.

Plus taking Monday off is a surefire way of wasting a perfectly good day off. Because it’s Monday and you won’t want to do anything. Friday off is a wonderful thing.

That said it’s not without risk. I had a Friday off a couple of months ago and something at work which was supposed to be resolved earlier in the week had snowballed and I had to spend ALL DAY on that Friday working. That sucked. Boy oh boy did that suck.

I took this Monday off. I spent it going to the garden centre and then a nice few hours watching the birds on the allotment. Then I went into work yesterday feeling like a superhero.

[Off sick today though]

That’s the way to do it. Excellent work.

I had last Friday off - went into town to pick up some superb new clothes, then met a friend for lunch, then went home and recorded some music, cooked a cracking dinner and tanned a bottle of wine.

Felt like I’d had a weekend already and you know what Colin? The weekend hadn’t even begun. THAT is what I am talking about.

I… sorry, you’ve lost me.

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I have zero holiday days left until the start of April

I have had about 40 since this April

I want more dammit

'kin ell mate you’ve got bare holidays. I would probably go for a few friday/monday thurs/friday combos.

I’ve got my own much less enviable dilemma with this. ONE DAY to use as I wish!

I am already away on hols for a week from 4th Dec, and off between xmas and new year.

I basically need to decide whether to:

  • Take a friday off in a couple of weeks which I can use by chipping off in the van on thurs night to, dunno, sleep in the woods somewhere or visit a friend, before meeting up with the wife in Newcastle on Saturday for a family party.
  • Take a random Tuesday or Thursday off when my son is in nursery and just use it to bum around like a free man, maybe do some christmas shopping and have a nice lunch somewhere.
  • Take the Friday before Christmas off to slightly extend my break, and maybe do aforementioned bumming around then or maybe go visit someone en route to Sheffield where I’m catching up with wife and son who will already have been there for a few days.

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I really appreciate you reading to the end of this post.

Take a week off and write the great American novel

if you have a trip away booked then the whole week
if you haven’t then 5 separate days
i’ve not read the other replies

That’s what I said (kinda) and you’ve gone and said the same thing. This is outrageous.

A day in the streets is a week in the sheets bro! :muscle:

Have yaself a full week off. Nine days of bliss - go somewhere nice.

Same as I said earlier. For me taking the day before everyone disappears for Christmas off is effectively half a day’s leave (at least) squandered. In your situation I’d use the day for Christmas shopping, because I can never be arsed doing that at weekends.

the problem with this option is that it’s also squandering further “leave” from duties as a father and husband. ie I’ll still have to “work” in the morning and pick him up from nursery at 4:30pm or so then “work” till he’s in bed then further “work” hanging out with the wife after that. I’m not saying I don’t like spending time with my family but a wee break would be nice (basically never happens).

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:smiley: :smiley:


jeez that sounds really terrible doesn’t it. I just mean I never have any time to myself and it’s nice every now and again isn’t it