I have a few burning questions

  1. Who is a supporter of the Guardian? Why would anyone choose to pay for an increasingly terrible newspaper? Has a single person signed up to this?
  2. Why does kitchen roll not come with smaller sheets? I know you can get one where it’s half the size of normal ones but this is rare. Is it just to make us buy more?
  3. Why do they not just design houses so that the attic is a useful part of the house? It’s common in many other countries but really rare to see this in the UK. Is it just to keep people who do loft conversions in business?

  1. Has anyone ever congratulated anyone on their LinkedIn for a work anniversary

  1. Literally not one single person, they are haemorrhaging money

  2. I dunno, probably to make you buy more like you said. Do you think anyone has ever used scissors to cut themselves smaller sheets from the roll?

  3. In my personal experience, Dads love converting lofts, it might just be to keep Dads happy?

  1. More than 50,000 (not me, though)
  2. I use a bandsaw to cut regular kitchen roll in half
  3. Rain


Dis changed my 4 to a 1


I have


I lived in my big sister’s converted attic for a bit. big fan of being in an attic during heavy rain.


I dunno, probably to make you buy more like you said. Do you think anyone has ever used scissors to cut themselves smaller sheets from the roll?

I do this


@marckee what are the answers?


This has made me happy. What kind of holder (if any) do you have for your kitchen roll and how convenient is it (if it exists) for the scissor process?


I don’t have a holder for it. It lives in the cupboard and is taken out when needed and the kitchen scissors live in the cutlery drawer. It takes about 5 seconds and will probably save me about £3 over the course of my lifetime


Ever cut the sheet into some kind of fancy shape or are you a strictly-business straight-line kinda gal?


R.E number 2

Do they sell a version of these in the UK anyone?


sometimes cut out a little square but normally just cut half off. obviously if it’s a spill or some other major job then I will use one or more sheets but then you’re getting to the point where you’re better just using a tea towel then washing that.


I need to get kitchen roll, thanks for reminding me


(you get a sheet, then its perforated down the middle so you can split it)


yeah this is the thing I was talking about - it’s a rare find in a uk supermarket


I don’t know. It’s a terrible model. Either you go full paywall or you don’t. You don’t constantly badger your audience for more money simply because your business model is unsustainable. That and the fact that many of us are aware of Guardian profligacy (those Berliner presses, what they pay their star columnists etc.) it makes you go “nah fuck that”.

They should move back to Manchester for sure. And immediately poach that Jen Williams from the Manchester Evening News.


Three. New houses, or old houses?

Old houses often had rooms in the attic.

Mass produced houses from the late-1800s to the interwar semis didn’t, because the other rooms were easier to heat, ventilate and get the head height wanted at the time. Lofts also provided space for storage, water tanks and could act as a buffer against water ingress.

Modern houses quite often go up into the lofts, but roofs are more typically built with roof trusses these days, meaning that the space is full of cross-bracing and ties.


yeah then you see stuff like their terrible travel pieces where they fly someone up to Glasgow to eat in restaurants that opened four years ago to tell everyone how exciting it is.