I have a horrible feeling bow ties are going to cxome back in fashion instead of ties

I know most of you work in cool and relaxed office environments and don’t have to worry about these things, but us suit wearing folk do! Do I take the risk and get a head of the game and start wearing one or do I wait and see?

is this actually based on anything substantial? because wearing a bow tie is pretty much the toriest “hey I may be evil but I have a great sense of fun ya!” thing you can possibly do.

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paired with some novelty braces maybe?

could you get away with wearing a cravat instead?

I have seen two normalish people around town wearing them and they didn’t look ridiculous

No you haven’t.

Yes they did.

It’s Rees-Mogg’s doing.


My brain has been trying to make a Brother Shoezone joke work ever since I first watched The Wire and it just won’t.


I am afraid I think there coming, I am not normally wrong about these things I predicted ‘I am blue’ song would be number one and I was right

then may god have mercy on us all

Alright, evil dale cooper

There’s been a guy from the Nation of Islam knocking over the displays in my local footwear shop. He Bother Shoezone.


imagine owning a suit


Welp, it’s closer than I ever got.


I’ve seen the opposite. At a number of black tie events recently I have been *clutches pearls * AGHAST to note that certain young (and some not so young) men are wearing just normal black ties rather than bow ties. As if they’re in a ghastly blues brothers tribute act/ funeral party. I don’t even think we can blame brexit for this.

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No need its a reality, though in some respects its easier than wearing your normal clothes every day

I wear this: