I have a horrible feeling bow ties are going to cxome back in fashion instead of ties

for tories, aren’t they

I’m not talking black tie I am talking everyday colourful bow ties!

and adultbabies!

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I don’t actually mind that, especially if you’re not actually a functioning cowboy. It shows a bit of character.

This guy’s on University Challenge this year

He’s from… Sunderland.

Wonder how that works out for him.

Only if he has the boot to matc

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argh, at the end of the day, everybody wants to be peewee herman.

bow ties are cute though when people i like wear them

We cant all work for internet start ups, it may also shock you that we sit on chairs instead of bean bags :wink:

Turtle necks are having a very concerning renaissance as well.

I have noticed that too its a good look for the skinny man I think

Come on Steved, it’s a polo neck!

RIP Steve Jobs