I have a solution to sea levels rising

At the same rate that the ice caps are melting we dig out the sea floor near the shore then we transport the rock inland to create lovely new hills and mountains. This also creates new job opportunities for the needy.

World, your’e welcome

This isn’t remotely feasible

Yes and ho

Everyone drink the sea

I already had this idea, and it turns out it’s not a good idea.

Just move away from the coast

What regular user you reckon this is then?

Some sort of mega super soaker which fires a bunch of water into space

Move all the extra water to Mars.

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Who cares.

Yess I just beat you therefore this has been absorbed into my idea

I do, that’s why I replied

Pump the sea into caves so Elon Musk can prove how great his submarine is.


explain how

More elephants


Explain this:


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Oh, that is now clear. Good luck, hope you get an answer.


Thanks Steved!

please confirm the placement of that hand. Below the waist?