I have a syndrome


Guess what syndrome I have.
QI Klaxon etc for obvious answer


Boerhaaves Syndrome




You can log out don’t do it to yourself


Only going by some things you’ve posted in the past: cauda equina?


I do NOT fiddle horses mar…oh, right, no, not that either




Actually just checked and that’s a disease and NOT a syndrome. I thought it was.







Also, absolute state of Roy there :joy:


Pearson Syndrome.


gilbert’s syndrome


We have a WINNER
Probably the least interesting/bad of all the syndromes


Munchausen by proxy


My dad and brother have that.


Here’s a “funny” story after I got diagnosed with it.
I was in the consultants room at some posh private hospital that the NHS sent me to for some other stuff and was talking about Gilbert’s Syndrome, waffling on about it and how I thought it might be affecting me and then after talking about it the consultant went “hmmmm, yes, yes…it’s actually prononunced zheel-Bayr” and then just moved on to another topic! Hahahaha what a dick!! Dr Phonetics


my wife has it. Imagine how annoying that was when she got diagnosed after me and it had been my go to excuse for being lazy and tired. Fucking unbelievable!! Can’t even let me have that!


It’s genetic, so there’s a high chance that I have it too.

I have managed my condition by eating when I get hangry.


I have it too.

first question I ask was whether I got a blue badge for parking. no such luck