I have been accused of being unromantic so I have a plan


The TV and I both recently read the same book, in that book the main character climbs a tree and unties a silver ribbon to give to the girl he loves to tie in her hair (its tradition in their town, also features at the end).
To prove I am romantic I was going to get the TV a silver ribbon! I thought this was a great idea but the more I think about it the… I’m sap aren’t I? Also will she make the connection?
I haven’t mentioned the book can anyone guess it?


You should definitely buy a silver ribbon. Then tie it in a bow around your cock.


Jonathan Mango, you sly dog you!


No, he’s taller.


Is it called “Weak Ass Twattery for Lame-o Bastards”?


Well, I think it’s a lovely idea


This is a sweet gesture, even if it fails, the thought of it would be appreciated.

You should do it.


If roles were reversed I would be saying the same thing


And less romantic


Take her from the dizzy emotion of romance to the plummeting low of seediness in one foul swoop


That’s the other usage of “doing an epimer”.


Why don’t you just take her for dinner or something?


it’s a nice gesture. Just do it and if she’s pleased, ace, if she takes the piss that’s also kind of great :slight_smile:


We do go to dinner, but how many restaurants are romantic these days? I think the TV would find a dinner more romantic if we made an occasion of it and got dressed up, I’m more practical, its about the grub for me. I’m not sure what romantic is, is it an emotion/feeling or a style?


Romance is being there every day, come rain or shine. It’s all the little things you do to make each others’ lives better in tiny incremental ways. It’s taking their needs into account with everything you do and every decision you make, and never ever making a fuss about it.

All the other shit is made up by the big silver ribbon corporations to con you out of your hard-earned cash, maaaaan.


I’m not sure what romance is really.

For me I think romance is letting me have heating on when i say i’m cold. Doesn’t happen often AT ALL.


you should genuinely go for tying a silver ribbon around your genitals

if it works it would be incredible, if it doesn’t work it would still be incredible

what’s not to like!?

  • Soren Kirkegaard


Not really into threesomes, personally.


yeah, yeah I tried that but that’s not going to cut in the real world you need something quantifiable occasionally