I have driven every junction of the M25 today (anti-clockwise)

Any questions?

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How was the training?

Favourite junction?

Okish. Worth 230 miles? No.

It was for managers to support their staff. I am managerial grade but with no reports so pretty pointless.

How can I be more like you?

Nice one.

Drive every junction of the M25 (anti-clockwise). That’d be a start.

Can I be completely honest? I quite enjoy being on the M25

You should have come along

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Sounds like a bit of a chore - is there anything I can do whilst on the sofa?

There is probably a simulator somewhere

2 questions:

  1. why?
  2. I have not done this

I had to go exactly half way round the M25 (and then some) so could have gone top or bottom side. Went bottom side and on the way back there was an accident bottom side so went top side.

Stop at any services? if so, please answer the obvious questions

  • Which one?
  • What did you buy?
  • Total cost?
  • Piss?
  • If so, did you have to pay to piss?
  • Fill up your petrol tank?
  • Approx time spent off the motorway

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


EDIT: Oooh tagging myself works, interesting

I went to a very small services on the A12. Literally pissed in their shitter then left. I did not stop on the M25 other than in the car between junctions 18-16 on the way back.

What did you listen to on the journey?

Cheers, the A12 is the closest A road to my childhood home, you lucky man

Can we enquire what happened in the car when you stopped?

I’d be surprised if he pissed enough to fill up his petrol tank.