I have driven every junction of the M25 today (anti-clockwise)

Are you the one from Colchester? I went to Colchester.

I have no questions for you Lonzo.

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On the way up I listened to TMS (including Aggers lunchtime interview with Alan Butcher) and on the way back TMS until close of play and then 69 Love Songs on shuffle.

YES! whereabouts?
My mum now lives in Fingringhoe, which is a mildly amusing name for a village

69 love songs, dang, I really should’ve come along.

Some business park just off the A12

Hope you didn’t get ripped off by a fare again

I’m glad I have been so comprehensive

I don’t know what this means but I suspect thewarn is being homophobic again!

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thought you had the knowledge?

Oh I’m very knowledgeable.

(oh I see!)

I too have done a full anti-clockwise circuit in one day (including a bonus bit of clockwise between 1a and 1b).

Wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have such an unusually high percentage of dickheads on it.

I’ve never been between jcts 28 and 21 before. Couple of tunnels came as a lovely surprise.

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what was the weather like?

When I left it was dark and I get to see a beautiful Essex sunrise. Mixed on the way back but I cannot complain about the conditions.

Which lane did you mostly occupy?

Probably the second on the right followed by the one on the right

I like that there is a CD called 69 Love Songs

It is three CDs (it’s a lot of songs!). I’m not sure if I still own a physical copy.

Slightly more realistic than Gary Barlow, innit