I have just bought a pack of polos and not a single one is in one piece!

I mean what the fuck is the world coming to, who wants a polo that isn’t round and whole, it doesn’t feel the same in your mouth and what have they been doing to the pack to break everyone?

What an apoloing situation


You would expect them to be in mint condition


I was tempted to take them back

RIP @RonyD


I think there’s a hole in their production methods.


Is ‘polo’ the name of the shape, why are they called polos?

I have been having a bad morning and this was the last thing I needed

Can’t remember the last time I clocked a pack of Polos for sale

Do you never go into shops?

I often go into shops

I have had a strange hankering for them bought two packs in the last week, though this could be my last.

Well look with your eyes next time you’re in shops then.

I’ve decided that I’m going to actively keep an eye out for Polos for the next two days to see if they’ve just been hiding in plain sight this whole time

Which shops?

Every day of my life I go into one or both of the following:

Bo’s Local

You can get polos in any shop, you just have to ask.

I don’t think that this is true.

For example, I can’t imagine this being the case in Morrisons.

Oh hello Dorothy Perkins, may I have a pack of Polos please

They’re in the back