I have just bought a pack of polos and not a single one is in one piece!

How much do you reckon a pack of polos weighs? (got the packet infront of me) First correct answer wins a polo posted to them - postage included. It wont be whole though so don’t get your hopes up, I am not buying another packet do you think I am a millionaire.

Hopefully this means that you won’t go sterile.

The name derives from “polar”, referencing the cool, fresh taste of the mint

they were originally known as “Polish O’s” as they were imported from poland. over time this became shortened to “pol os” and now just polos

they have nothing to do with horse hockey

I really like Fox’s Glacier Mints

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Ban request

pants off legs open isn’t it?

How come?

I used to get these because of the bear on the wrapper.

Inferior mints for the elderly.

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The bear is nice but it is also on the wrapper of Fox’s Glacier Fruits so there must have been something else drawing you to the mints

No. Old people have a jar of mint imperials. They don’t go in for Fox’s Glacier Mints.

I’m not elderly so I wouldn’t know about that.

I wasn’t fussy. Would happily have the fruits as well.

Stupid to think that we’re all talking about mints again after going through it last year eh

Get out

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Glad I am consistent

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This is about the treatment of the mint packet and how mine a have seemingly been through a hell of a journey

Yeah, your thread has a more personal touch for sure.