I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc



I’m going to a few places in that mainland Europe they have these days in September. please assume that I know nothing - because I do - and clue me up so I’m all prepared (prepared for a fun time).

me and my friends are skipping between Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin. if you have any bonus tips about those places, I would be even more grateful.


Sounds like a hell of a trip, good on you man!

How are you travelling between the places?
Do you have accomodation sorted yet?


How are you planning on travelling between places?


How are you thinking of planning on travelling between the places?


Don’t spend more than 8 hours in Bratislava. It’s nice, but there’s not a whole lot there.


I havent been abroad in donkeys so i can’t really offer any assistance. But good luck with the trip though, it does sound wiiiiiccckkked.

(Hoping I can fit some kind of cool travels in after I graduate somehow)


Enjoy yourself pal x


Have you tried going in an aeroplane?



Definitely get a passport. That’s one of those dead handy things for going abroad.

I’ve not been to any of those places, so can’t offer specific tips, but have a great time!


Also, remember that, for now at least, we have data roaming in the EU so phone maps and what have you don’t need to be used with any financial worry


and @marckee: my friend is sorting accomodation and travel, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I know we’re coaching to and from Vienna, training to Budapest, and flying to Berlin.


oh sweet: so I can just use my data on my 3 contract?


please do go on, Jook!


Travel and accommodation are the two things that are the real faff to sort out. Other than a passport, suitcase of clothes + toothpaste and a mobile phone and charger, you don’t really need to take anything else.

(not really, but if someone else is organisation the main things already, it’ll be a breeze)


I am in the process of getting one of those, which is indeed Quite Useful For Going Abroad, isn’t it. nice that I will have a proper maroon one, too.


Aye, double check with your provider first (and also I dunno whether Slovakia is in the EU actually…) but yeah, it takes away so much of the potential anxiety of it all to know you can just load up Google Maps as you would if you were going somewhere unfamiliar in the UK.

Also, and speaking as someone who gets worried in advance of nearly everything I ever do, it’s always a lot more straightforward doing anything abroad that you may be anxious about when you’re actually doing it.


is there anything you can’t take with you on planes, between borders? like, obvious stuff. not weird stuff.

like, I use hair mousse for its volumising effect and for fixing styles. can I take that with me?


It’s exactly like being in Britain, except everyone’s better dressed and the accents are more homogeneous.


You can’t put some camera batteries in the hold - you have to have them in your hand luggage.

There’s rules about hand luggage and liquids too, which are worth finding out in advance.


that’s good! I figure we sort the main stuff out, we have a nice structure in which fun can take place.