I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc


Be careful with toiletries/hair products if you’re taking hand luggage only. They are always knobheads about the 75ml limit so make sure you buy the miniatures


Exactly, as long as your transport and accommodation are sorted, the joy if European city breaks is mainly just wandering around a city doing stuff as and when you fancy it.


oh okay, cool. I was looking to take my nice camera with me, will bear that in mind.


what about languages, Tony?

from what I’ve heard, I would guess lots of people in Berlin speak English anyway. and a fair scattering of people in t’other places, especially being that they are capital cities.


Again, technology is your friend innit. Google translate is so good in the unlikely event that a local doesn’t speak English


I’d recommend listening to the Amateur Traveller podcast before you go. I did this last year before I went to Bucharest and it was really helpful in finding out about the place and what to do. They tend to get locals or people who have lived in the places to help with the podcast so you get some real insider knowledge.


Vienna and Budapest are great, you’ll have an amazing time!


nice one! I’ll check this out.

umm… where might I check this out?


this thread is Very Nice

Berlin is really Quite Good and one of my favourite things about the city is that you can freely wander around everywhere with beer and when you buy a bottle from the local shop they will often want to open it for you there and then

have you thought about how to get cash while you’re away? most bank accounts would charge you to take cash from an ATM while you’re abroad, but some banks, like Monzo, don’t, and there are credit cards and cards which you load up in advance so you can avoid any charges.


ty laelfs!!

where would you recommend I go in those places?


They’re all up on iTunes as well. Seem to remember the Berlin one being good


Given the way bag stuff throw things about, you’ll want to keep it in your hand luggage anyway :grimacing:

If you’ve got more lenses that won’t fit in your hand luggage, wrap them up well.


that also sounds Very Nice, wandering around with a beer. I’m sure there’s loads to do, but would you be able to recommend me some particularly cool places in Berlin?

money is something I was wondering about! Monzo, huh? how long would it take to get one of their cards?


ooft. thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep my lenses nice and wrapped up.


Budapest: do a spa, go to the ruin bars, have a lot of nice cheap food and drink (think there is a chain of outside falafel bars). Cross the river and go up to the castle for views

Vienna: it was a long time ago that I went and I only had a day there but we hired some docked bikes and cycled round and it was lovely. Remember thinking I could’ve spent a week there.


You don’t need a visa to enter any of Hungary, Slovakia, Germany or Austria - a valid UK passport will be fine.

Go on to moneysavingexpert and get yourself some travel insurance if you don’t have cover through your bank or something. If you’re only going to Europe then it will be quite cheap, but if you’re doing any extreme sports or activities, make sure these are included.

Get yourself an EHIC card, which will mean that you’ll be able to get medical care abroad if you need it: https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/startApplication.do

If you’re staying in youth hostels, get yourself a travel towel. They’re thinner than normal towels and dry quicker.

Don’t bother taking a camera unless your phone camera is rubbish or you’re doing some wildlife photography or something.

Take your phone, a charger and a plug adapter suited to europe.

Your luggage can either go in the hold (checked in to the plane storage) or in the cabin (carried on by yourself and stowed in the overhead lockers. There are different weight restrictions for these (hold luggage can be larger, but yo have to wait around to collect it after your flight), so make sure that your bag doesn’t exceed the limits (they vary depending on the airline). If you’re taking your luggage into the cabin, liquids like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc must be in 100mml bottles or smaller and must be in a clear plastic bag.

I’ll post more as I think of them.


Remember to get health insurance and an EHIC card just in case. They’re normally dead cheap/free.

Remember to tell your bank you’re going away just in case they suspect suspicious activity on the account. Unlikely, but…

Remember to take a plug adapter because foreign plugs are stupid assholes.

Don’t overpack. Most places you stay will have washing machines or there’ll be laundrettes. I always take a massive bag and end up using about a third of the clothes.

I find i enjoy holidays more if i do them sober. Each to their own, though. Nowt wrong with just going abroad to eat, drink and relax, but…


magic, those all sound like lovely things ^ _ ^ thank you!


Metro Bank you can get a card the same day you walk in, and there are no transaction fees in Europe. :slight_smile:


ahhh, this is brilliant. very informative. thanks so much :slight_smile: