I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc




apparently you’d get in “in the next few days” (!)

you like riding a bike, so you should deffo hire one (there’s a lot of places) and go to Tempelhof and ride around. it used to be an airport and it’s got a pretty cool vibe, and by pal who’s lived in berlin for a long time now still loves it there. cycling in berlin is really good, loads of bike lanes. go for drinks in neukölln. if you like coffee, the barn is v nice.

hertha berlin match? there’s also a couple of smaller clubs.


limit is 100 ml, knobhead.


going myself next weekend and haven’t even had a look :grimacing: – thanks leafy


great stuff! I quite like the idea of hanging around a launderette in a different country, for some reason. too many European art films, I suppose.

yeah, I’m not a massive drinker myself. I think enough just to feel a little warm in the face? doesn’t take many. I drink for flavour rather than to get smashed, anyway, and I defs don’t want to waste any mornings hungover.


You will have a great time it will be amazing to see it for the first time at an age you can really appreciate it and take it in.
Word of advice in Vienna it is customary to shake the man to the left of you penis when at the urinals, its their version of shaking hands


aces! thanks Tuna :slight_smile:


For money, all those countries use the Euro except Hungary.

Again, have a look at moneysavingexpert and their tips for foreign travel/currency. These days, with the restrictions on card fees, it’s often the case that a pre-loaded card is cheaper, and there is no penalty for using them to pay in restaurants and stuff.


I can’t disagree with this enough. Phone cameras are so much better than they ever used to be, but so are proper cameras. My sister has only ever taken phone pics of her children and it makes me sad that she hasn’t got good photos. You only live one life, and if @incandenza wants to take their camera, go ahead. (Make sure it’s insured though). Use your phone as your camera if you like, but think about how often do you go back and look at your phone pics, and how often you go back to the good photos you’ve taken on proper kit.

It sounds like @incandenza was planning on taking a good camera anyway so I’m probably preaching to the converted.




For high flyers like you maybe!


ahh good shouts!

I do love cycling, so that sounds like an excellent plan. and again, cycling through a European city feels very Art Film.

I really like the idea of a footy match and I think Berlin is our last stop, so we’ll be there at the weekend. Bundesliga games are cheap too, no?


thank you Rony, this is stellar advice. I will make sure to do that.


I got the impression that he’d be taking cabin luggage only. A full DSLR takes up far too much space if so, imho.

I stopped taking my camera on city breaks a few years ago and it’s made my life so much easier.


yep, when I went it was about 20 euro a ticket I think? cheap beer and food too, and they have really good merch (I bought a mug)


I do really want to use my nice camera, yeah. :slight_smile: my phone camera is decent for what it is, but a proper camera with nice lenses… also, it’s an old slr with no digital display, so you get that spontenaity, and the shots kind of matter more?


see: PIN number


ahhh! I’d love a Hertha Berlin mug!

any other souvenir advice?


they have different plugs over there


the scarves were a bit disappointing