I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc


is this standard across all these places?


oh no :frowning: what about hats?


i do not remember any hats, though i reckon there were bloody loads



When I went to India I took my old Canon AE-1 with 28, 50 and 100-300mm lenses as well as a digital compact (for indoor / low light shots, as well as to check my metering for tricky lighting conditions before I took a film shot). I think that’s my new travelling camera combo sorted.


Very good point. Also, if you have multiple things to plug in, don’t buy multiple adaptors, buy one adaptor and take a UK multi-plug with you (since you probably have one or two knocking about already).


get some of those trousers that turn into shorts, to save space




metering? I should bone up on my photography beforehand…


all trousers can potentially turn into shorts. hopefully scissors are the same in all those countries.


The ruin bars are excellent. One of my old housemates who is Hungarian recommended Szimpla Kert which appears to be the most famous one. Really liked it. Also read that there’s one on top of an old communist supermarket somewhere


You can’t take scissors with you in hand luggage, btw.

How strong are your teeth?


these ones have zips


yeah, think they all use the same kind (a type C)


not great. best hope the EHIC covers emergency dental treatment. that, or maybe I’ll just go shorts the whole time and risk a social faux-pas in a non-shorts situation.


Hertha play at a good ground, but I always found going to watch Union and Babelsberg (also Potsdam is just lovely in general) much more fun. :slight_smile:


go to burgermeister in kreuzberg in berlin, its well weapon srslytho, best burgers


also, we did a walking tour on our first day in berlin which i massively recommend coz its a big city and theres obvs so much history it can be overwhelming. it was so much fun tho and you really get a feel for where everything is in the city that it makes it easier to find your way around on your own later. we do it whenever we do a city break now, its the best thing. i know everyone says that berlin in the best but thats coz berlin in the best


Ooh I forgot, don’t jaywalk in Budapest, it’s illegal and you could get fined


Schloss Schönbrun in Vienna is a good trip. Decent maze, lovely gardens for a picnic


Hungarians are scarily, humblingly proficient in foreign languages.