I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc


If you want Vienna tips then PM me. I lived there for five years.


This is exciting!

I don’t think anyone has mentioned about adapter plugs yet? You’ll need those and can get them cheaply from Wilko or similar.

Burgermeister like @andyvine says, is amazing. Get the dirty fries with your burger.
Visit the memorial of murdered jews, it’s incredible.
Treptower park is lovely and you can see all the huge statues, plus if you wander a bit there is an abandoned theme park. Also a nice boat cafe/bar.
To be honest, whatever you do in Berlin you’ll have a great time as it’s a really cool place.

How many of you are going? I highly recommend ‘Nightmare in Budapest’ - it’s an interactive puzzle game / escape challenge with a horror theme, but way better than that sounds.
Szimpla Kert ruin bar is really cool.
Gellert Spa is the nicest spa. There is another one - Szechenyi that has parties on a saturday night but I read that there are loads of guys trying to grope girls so I avoided that one. gellert was great though.
Beer is super cheap in Budapest!
Take the funicular up to the castle.


Make sure you have enough doses of any medication you’re on and keep it safe.

Make sure you scan a copy of your passport once you get it. Mmmmmmmm ml

You can reach the emergency services on 112 anywhere in the EU from your mobile.


Also if you do need to take meds with you, double check what you’re allowed to take without a drs note and leave yourself plenty of time to get a drs note if you need one. Also don’t be surprised if yr dr charges you a tenner for it :man_shrugging: but don’t go without, obvs


Go up the UFO bridge in Bratislava, the view of the Soviet housing blocks (the Panelaks) is incredible. Beer is exceptionally cheap there too, like €1.20 a pint.

Vienna is a great European capital to go to on a first foreign trip, it’s all trams, cafe culture and really old buildings. They also have German style beer halls in the North that serve wine in tiny tankards.

Berlin is great, if you’re going to see the football I’d recommend Union and not Hertha, it’s a smaller stadium and they sell it out (which Hertha seldom do) and they’re the Eastern Berlin team. Oh and go clubbing, loads of places there stay open all of Sunday so you can go mid-afternoon and not ruin the next day.




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The google translate app even lets you take photos of bits of text (signs etc) to be translated now. Go 21st century!


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Travel light so that you can go anywhere without being lumbered with a load of luggage. Just take a few essentials and a couple of changes of clothes. If you need stuff, they have shops!

Get a pre-paid currency card for your euros. I use a WeSwap card, which is a mastercard. It means you don’t have to carry wads of cash and it’s useful to have a card to buy things that you get from machines, like public transport tickets.

In Berlin, go to Topographies of Terror. You will be horrified and depressed. Then go to a bar. Berlin bars are fun. There is a good area of graffiti by the river near Ostkreuz station and you can visit one of the last remaining Berlin Wall watchtowers, near Potzdamer Platz.


And an adapter so you can actually plug your phone charger in to the electrickery.




In Berlin everyone waits for the green man even if there are no cars coming.


Well, I am sorry, so sorry. I shall hang my head in shame. Whip myself with barbed wire until my repentance is accepted.