I have never been abroad but I am doing that, and this is a thread in which I request that you help me be all prepared and etc


I also take photos of my driving license, passport and important docs (insurance) on my phone as well to have another back up always to hand.


Having a prepaid currency card - or a bank card without fees - is good.

You probably will need to make sure you have cash on you though. Berlin especially can be very hit and miss for cards being accepted in bars/restaurants.


Further to #adapterchat I’d recommend getting an EU multiport USB adapter rather than a UK to EU adapter. Something like this:


They’re dead cheap and dead useful, especially if you multiple devices to charge (phone, camera, powerbank, bike lights etc) and if you’re planning on going away again on future!

Trip sounds great though, I might be in a similar area at a similar time too! Are you going with MBG and others?


No I’ve never been abroad, because I never wanted to. Something something


Berlin again, do visit the Reichstag Building (Bundestag). It’s free but you have to book online. It’s very popular so it often shows online as sold out but tickets come up continuously so check every now and then. You can queue up on the day but the queue is hours long. https://www.bundestag.de/en/visittheBundestag


ty dots :slight_smile: I am, yep. MBG, Dean (have you met Dean?) and Jayson are the definites. will you be on your charity cycling thing?

I’m getting pretty excited. used to be very anxious about this sort of thing.


Yes! All the ruin bars we went to were fun. The Szechenyi Hawkes baths were fine in the daytime when we’ve been. Have heard about the parties though which don’t really sound like my thing. Love Budapest.


Yeah I think thats Corvinteto?

We also went to good ones called Szoda, Lokál Bar, Eleszto and Spiler (not all ruin bars) and ate at a nice place called Zeller Bistro.


I’m going to France next month. I was thinking of buying this t-shirt to wear while I’m there.





Oh, sorry. I was joking. :roll_eyes:


No I apologise - it’s monday. It’s early.

Stay cool


This was a Nice Thread to read. Holidays are a great bunch o’ trips.


anyone got any hot tips for vegan food in Vienna? we are there for the next few days. ty x


the happy cow app is pretty good.


Köstlich in the first district has vegan options. Only open for lunch.


:smiley: we’ll give that a go tomorrow. supposed to be meeting up with @deadonthestairs too!


Oh shit yeah I should have mentioned that he’s there too! GBOL. Have a swell time!!


I have never had to knock on wood but I know someone who has