I have never listened to an album by [insert artist name] but I am going to start now

Kayne West going to check out Kaynes whole discography

Then I will do Prince… erm just the 80s albums.

Will post my thoughts on here

Feel free to join in and give yourself an excuse to listen to an artist you have always been putting off. Or just mention artists that you have never heard a whole album from despite the fact that you probably should have by now.

Where you starting with ye? I’d still say college dropout is the best starting point probs

Will do it in chronological order. Want to see his transformation


[babylon zoo]


Titus Andronicus

My favourite play, didn’t even know band existed!

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Crass. Bought a shit ton of 70s/80s punk back in the early 00s and these guys somehow never registered.

Decided the other week that I’m going to become Busta Rhymes’ all time number one fan. Don’t think I’ve ever heard any of his own songs, but I’m pretty sure he’s gone nuclear on every single guest verse I’ve ever heard him do, so I’m going to do a deep dive into his discography.

I highly, highly recommend starting at the beginning and working your way forward. The first two in particular are absolutely brilliant (and going in order helps too because some songs kind of reference each other, at least through their titles).

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Thank you! I’m going to check them out now.

there are dozens of better bands in the same genre that you maybe didn’t know existed that I’d bother with way before I checked out Titus Andronicus. Fucked Up, Menzingers, Hot Water Music for example. TA are alright but g they’re not great.

none of his albums are all that really but he does have a decent handful of great songs spread amongst them at least