I have never

…read The Lord of the Rings.

  • FOR GONDOR! (I have, take a drink)
  • Neeeeeeeerds (I have not)

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Watched a full episode of any soap opera

  • Dirty Den (I have watched a soap)
  • Ian Beale (I haven’t)

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bollox, m8.


What if I gave up after one because it bored me?

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don’t believe you


reminds me of the time a school friend’s dad had to get a new email address, because his name was the same as a villain on eastenders and he was getting hundreds of hate emails every month.


This would be the most popular option for LOTR surely.

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Poor Ronald.kray@lineone.net

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was this guy

looks like beeves is back on the food options boys!!


no idea who that is (because I’ve never seen a full episode of a soap!)

It’s a young Diego Costa.

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Just folk going for a long walk and singing songs. Would rather walk and sing myself than read about it.

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I have never made it to the end of the godfather

  • overrated & boring af
  • omg best film ever

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ffs japes and att

and witches

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fuck me.

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Bit of a harsh answer, I’ve just never even tried watching it… as far as I remember.

never even watched it m6

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I have never made it to the end of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

  • Ofc I have, because its a god damn masterpiece
  • I’m rubbish

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so you’ve not made it to the end then