I have never

used a wireless mouse for more than a few moments.



I have never put a sticker anywhere on a car.

Do you drink if you are in agreement or disagreement?

I prefer just get on the bantz wagon and chanting ‘drink it down you zulu warrior, drink it down you zulu chief, chief, chief’

In fact, what the fuck is that?

not even a tax disc holder?

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Do you hate this country? Join the NT for the love of God!

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pretty sure I haven’t heard this since… 1997? UNTIL NOW

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I have never played a video game.

shouldn’t let that stop you voting in the favourite console thread

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What are we supposed to call lies nowadays? Untruths?


my son has started shouting ‘FAKE NEWS!’ at everything he doesn’t like.

Very distressing.

It was an accepted drinking song from the years 1995-1997.


Well, I have played a video game in an arcade. Just not in mine or someone else’s home with a console.

Don’t have epimer round for dinner

Sorry this was supposed to be a reply for everyone.

I have never read a single bit of content from this message board

the urban gull years.

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bloody hell

First car I owned it was already there. Current car is from after the glorious vehicle tax revolution.