I have noticed having a good fake laugh/smile goes a long way in the office

so get practising if u want to go anywhere

I often get feedback that I’m very pleasant to work with, which just goes to show that if you spend all day pretending to be an amiable human being then you can achieve anything.

I wonder how many nice and happy people are actually just seething husks of bitterness.

This is a terrifying thought


…oh :frowning:



just laugh and smile at whatever the boss says and your on to a winner

Similarly, I often get feedback that I’m a calming, reassuring person to have around. I’m a poorly organised, seat-of-my-pants, last-minute-panic guy and I make no attempt to hide it. Odd!

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There shouldn’t be so much value placed on being “nice”. Some people find it very difficult and tiring to portray a happy/smiley veneer, especially if dealing with a metal illness. Being “nice” can also serve to hide a multitude of sins.

Underrated/underappreciated character traits in my opinion are:
probably quite a few others which don’t come to mind right now

“Nice” is such a vague term that seems to swamp all the above values and becomes THE main character trait to aspire to, just to appear happy and smiley at all times.

Think the word is metallurgy

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I laugh quite loudly at things as a reflex sometimes I think. Sometimes then realise it wasn’t that funny or that I’ve been doing it repeatedly and it’s probably very noticeable

The Chandler figured this out years ago