I have put your Name field value next to your Username



See what you think of this.

You also still have ‘Titles’ but this means you can put your own customised thing there. Just update the ‘Name’ field on your Preferences and it’ll appear there. Or leave it blank for nothing.

I’ll let you guys decide if you want this or not. Can just as easily disable it if it’s rubbish or abused @zxcvbnm




do emojis work?




I mean you try to do a nice thing and @profk abuses it.






Edit: oi fuck u Theo


hope nobody has tried this yet


I edited the name field on his profile but it said Theo Stinks


(it said Theo, that was the joke)

(Theo saw it)

(felt like too heavy a crown to carry around)


I tried putting the wee :fox_face: and it wouldn’t work :frowning:


Is this because I had a go at your earlier Theodora?


Great work theo. Australia is very lucky to be getting you.


Eurgh… he’s ballsed it.


Yes, jeremiah


Sorted it, although I had to use the fox emoticon on my phone rather than the Official DiS version and looks slightly different :confused: :fox_face:




What a treat!





Yeah only phone ones or cut and pasted ones will work.

It looks like a normal one on a phone