I have taken the strange decision to delete my entire Spotify library

Not sure why, but have felt the hankering to do this for a few weeks. Too much stuff I don’t want to listen to any more in there. Feels nice to have a fresh start.

Not sure where the thread can go from here. Probably howls of despair as reach the 27th consecutive hour trying to replace all my lovely playlists.

Something to do, innit?

If you have a change of heart you can always retrieve your playlists.

Didn’t know you could do it all in one go. Would’ve saved me time

Yeah, I had the same kind of problem last year - I had 10 years of playlists kicking about. It made the app very unwieldy and slow when opening upon my old phone. So my solution was to create a new account - I made the new account premium, and left the old one alone. Sorted. :smiley:

No. Had to delete each playlist. Took some time.

Downloaded tracks, all playlists. I had a lot of playlists. And a master playlist, with every track from every playlist in it.

The idea is that this will make me listen to actual albums more, instead of just grabbing a playlist and hitting shuffle.

It also means I get to spend hours pouring my geekery into new playlists. This is a good thing, in case you wondered.


At present I am giving more thought than is strictly proper to the first track I play as I enter this brave new era.

Quarrantine, eh?

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Did you delete your saved albums as well or did you not really save albums?

Don’t really save them, should check. If I’m going to scorch the earth I should use an adequate flamethrower.

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Lockdown has made me want to get rid of all my vinyl. Part of a general increasing dislike I have for and the poontlessnes of ‘stuff’ being heightened I think. Also boredom; listing and selling everything would be something to do.

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Don’t download on my laptop. Deleted and reinstalled the app on phone.

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Haha it’s making me listen to them more

And buy more


oh I’m doing that too - just that as I order new records am wondering why.

Because they’re great and records are nice and music deserves preservation


Don’t do it, as someone who moved overseas and all my records are stuck at my parents place, I miss them dearly.

If you want something to do, listing them on discogs is a great waste of time

Yeah I’d definitely regret it. Part of it is two of us now working from home in a 1 bed flat. Having books and records around is feeling like space we can’t afford.

I’m trying to listen to every record I own over lockdown. I have a lot. They’re grouped by genre on my shelves. I’ve listened to all of ambient and I’m about half way through post rock at the moment. Only flaw in the plan is that I have a shelf of hip hop and two shelves of metal and none of the three family members I’m locked down with can abide either.


I’m kind of doing this too and have mine stored by genre too… the TV does not like the post-rock or film soundtrack sections so much…

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