I haven't made a thread for ages, what should it be about?

All suggestions are welcome.

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Why don’t you try one appealing for thread ideas? Could be a 1000 reply beast by the end of the day.

Alternative suggestion - one about The Smashing Pumpkins.


I think Smashing Pumpkins are covered sadly but thanks all the same!

I wonder if there’s any body parts we haven’t talked about yet.

What about:

What the hell are knees?
Can you move your toes independently?
How long is your tongue?

Are any of these going to get traction?

Toe Knee

Phil Lip

Are we doing body part puns? That could help this along

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Chewing gum
Cellars vs Attics
Average standing/sitting/lying ratio for your day
Last transaction on your bank account (ssp)

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I have a story about breaking my little toe while dancing round my room to ‘Dashboard’ by Modest Mouse, I never got it looked at or strapped up and now it is locked in one place and is turned away from all his friends and the toenail only grows about 1mm.

That’s actually the entire story so will have nothing else to add to your toe thread but good luck!

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Nose Trad Amos

That’s a cool story!

I had my big toenails permanently removed when I was a kid, I understand your toe pain