I hear you're a racist now "πŸ‘Œ" (OK symbol as White Power)


i don’t watch much youtube stuff but i hear contrapoints seems to be a good entrypoint for younger comrades who might be unsure where there political journey is taking them, so afaic they are Good

Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Not Racist

Its the racist diver I feel sorry for how will anyone know if there trying to be racist or just ok?

maybe both. β€œyes, i have enough oxygen and racism in my tank to sustain me under the sea”


Mate I just wanted to draw people in TBH but not lose sight of the actual content. Sorry

I am just going yo stop using it. Not like I ever really use it anyway so I am glad to be hyper aware I guess

Could just give a :+1: to be fair.

Thumbs up is anti Semitic

What if the diver just did like a straight arm salute with a flat palm to signify β€œI’m on the level bro”.


Thumbs up means kill the defeated gladiator. Brutal.

Thumbs up means β€œlet’s go up”

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Fucks sake. They could just point for that.
How about they do an okay sign with one hand and then to negate the racist element they take the index finger of their other hand and slide it into to the OK sign: this signifies Im ok but not racist.
I can’t possibly see any confusion with this one!



  • Racists
  • Pedos
  • Both

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No…the new thing to replace that…

Need to get me an Amphora then eh?

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Looks like our internal work messenger system is run by fascists then:

what’s going on with 3rd down, 3rd in from the left

When you hover over it it says β€˜crazy’.
There used to be a beer icon but they took it away too.
In summary: my work seemingly hates beer, loves fascism.