I heard that it's Friday

Why no thread?

Plans? Feelings? Other?

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I get to yabadabadoo at 2.30 on Friday every week so that’s nice. Bloody beaut outside too


Deal with it


I can feel the pain of having your socks pulled down your toes so strongly. I can even see your toenail outline

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No thank you, Beeb


Took me a surprisingly long time to get this - I like it.

Morning flashinglight, hope you have a good day that involves pizza.

New bed has arrived so I’ll be building that when the TV gets up from the mattress on the floor.

Pondering whether to spring (…intended) for a new mattress too. Anyone ever tried one of those trendy Internet hybrid ones -simba, otty, Emma? Emma and otty are doing big discounts but still a fair chunk of change but if it’s ultra comfortable it’s gotta be worth it - you use it every single night, after all.

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morning FL, all :wave:

Plans? work til 5, not much to do so hoping it’ll be a relatively easy day. so it’ll somehow be very busy now I’ve jinxed it

Feelings? tired. all the tired. only myself to blame too as I was up too late but just didn’t feel ready to go to bed until I did, so :man_shrugging: I reserve the right to still whinge about being tired all day despite this.

Other? might buy a new keyboard AND mouse today. only just found out you can get wireless keyboard and mouse combos that use one USB port, which is very interesting indeed (to me)

Mostly feeling overwhelmed by how tedious life is this morning.

Might need another coffee.


Spent an age this morning in a virtual waiting room for National Trust tickets to Kingston Lacey for Tuesday.

Other than that, nothing doing.

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You better believe it! :pizza::+1: (the pizza bit at least, we’ll see about the good day)

Hope getting your bed constructed is painless :crossed_fingers:



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it’s yours now

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Today I’m planning to get my hack/ pub/ cruising round b-town bike working again after months of it sitting in bits in the junk pile in my hall. I’ve not really needed in in lockdown world but I’ve missed it. New drivetrain, brake pads and cables and a headset previously reclaimed from one of my old bikes

Just getting hype for it by eating Cheerios

Eldest is doing a workout in the living room, next eldest is at work already, youngest in sleeping

Takeaway tonight to celebrate my eldest getting a 1st for her degree (don’t think I’ve boasted about that on here yet, but you should all know my daughter is very clever and talented)


Oh have organised a catch up with a mate for beginning of next month and I’m feeling a bit better about things


Morning all! I had a DiSer dream :smiley:

In this dream:

  • @anon67149139 owned some kind of boat - it was like a trawler but with a speedboat attached to it, and @laelfy took it out to sea for the day.
  • also @anon67149139 was responsible for sending messages to various people through the medium of these big painted flags that would come down from the sky. One of them was for Theo @1101010
  • ALSO @anon67149139 worked in the same place as me, but I was working for my previous employer. I was talking to a colleague, who called him by his DiS username.

That’s the lot.

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Got a big case of the old ennui this morning isn’t it.

Work. Bicycle ride this evening.

I’m getting my hair cut for the FIRST TIME IN SIX MONTHS tomorrow so I am very bloody excited about that actually.


reading a review of a dehumidifier on Amazon

I believe the DC 80 with give us a much warmer dryer winter. and perhaps can now look forward to it. If you like to cook fresh vegetables, you know. Sprouts, cabbage etc. Its a must



Getting rid of the steam I assume. Not cooking them in it

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Well now I feel foolish