I heard that it's Friday

Morning all!

I’ve got to finish two job applications (same job in different locations) this morning before finally heading out to Halfords for a car seat.

Tea will probably be another GRT recipe with cauliflower and pomegranate seeds because I bought both earlier in the week.

Dropped yoghurt all over the floor*, didn’t I?

*not a euphemism


haha spunky floor shucks


Morning all.

Got Monday to Wednesday off next week. Have to use 17 days before September and it’s my GF’s birthday on Tuesday so seemed like as good a time as any.

Had to pop the heating on for an hour this morning.

Did I catch anything? Did I come back safely?

Absolute spaffage.

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Oh God, I can imagine the big one @anon67149139 would give me… And the innuendo-filled message via flags!

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“What’s the flag @anon67149139 is sending?”
“It’s just got a big purple head on it… I can’t find it in the book.”
“No matter, I understood.”

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Just put some skittles in my porridge.
Did not work out well


Morning DiS

Friday again! But what does Friday really mean any more?

I might start the selfie thread, just to help me distinguish one day from another.

got up. stood on a plug. stood on a nail. phone’s broken. back in bed.


I think the messages were relatively straightforward - but I don’t know what they said. I can never seem to read stuff in dreams.

@laelfy from memory you were just cruising around enjoying the sea. I think you got back safely - there was certainly no need for the coastguard to be called.


Day off.

Going to go to a Loch

busy day WFH

baked some bread. had 2 calls and got 2 parcels coming later :sweat:

Stayed up til 3 last night cos I’m an absolute chump, so today’s just about getting through to 5 I reckon.

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Starting the process of physically moving house today - we’ve got a week to do it so it shouldn’t be too stressful but my god it’s already so stressful. Going to pick up keys shortly and then the whirlwind commences. Arg

Ooh. I love the grittiness of today’s shot.


Morning. Just been for a walk. Wish I’d gone out yesterday and seen this bus sign in time for the filth thread.




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Didn’t post properly after starting the thread, did I?

Had a silly disagreement with R over getting his toenails trimmed and my brother muscled in and made everything worse. Fucking fed up of that, no matter how many times I have told him to just let me parent he always goes back into a pattern of believing he is in charge fueled by some horrible toxic masculinity that means he won’t give me any credit or control.

Anyway, R just sent out with his dad after I peacefully resolved the toenail debacle on my own. Looking like it might rain though so who knows how long they’ll be out. Going to male some salad-y things from veg box stuff for later hopefully now if I get time.

Looking forward to standard Friday activities of pizza, beer, and Low later on. Not looking forward to all the rubbish that will come before.

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