I honestly don't think I currently have any hobbies

  • Ha ha you have no life and you suck.
  • That’s fine hobbies are for wankers. Name one that isn’t. Told you.

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It’s fine. Nobody your age has hobbies.


thinking about getting into either painting those little lord of the rings figures that s_a_d does or maybe getting into building little miniatures like lester freamon

  • penoid dwarves
  • weirdo dollhouses

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Come on, mate. Life’s not that bad, is it?


I could do with something that’s really mindfulnessy but does not make me look like a right berk/psycho.

this nerd was telling me about how relaxing it is just sitting down in little workshop and painting some giant worms and little gargoyle things and i fully bought into it. might give it a go.

How much do giant worms charge? Ahahahaha

Edit: it said paying and this was hilarious

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I was thinking this!! Regarding the doll houses thing anyway. I’ve got this massive wooden beautiful doll house from when I was little and I would love to do it up but well, I wondered if it was a bit creepy considering I’m not having children and would not be doing it for anyone else’s children. Fuck it. Speaking of, have you seen the hereditary trailer?

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Yeah. LIKE that but about 70 or 80% less penoidy please.

Fine line isn’t it, between doing something creative and looking like a deviant.

Sometimes i think i’d like to get into photography or stargazing, but it’d be easy to become…that guy on the street.

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i haven’t. i’ll check it!

i think it was this that got me thinking about it, about this woman in early forensics that would make little miniatures of murder scenes

man, if there was anyone left who didn’t think i was a bit of a weirdo before now…

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I don’t think you’re weird Eric, I love stuff like this.

I’m sure that’s reassured you coming from me :rofl:

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Neither do I :wink:

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just get really into cooking. like making pastry or something really specific that takes ages.

at least you’ll get some decent scran out of it.

Its alrigbt mate, all i like is cinema and football and pints

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I am quite into cooking. But that’s just cooking.

Might as well call showering a hobby.

oh also thinking of taking some piano lessons

You can have some of mine if you like!

oh, eric.

do you have an instagram of this?
i bought a compact camera mainly to take nature pics but haven’t got around to it yet