I honestly don't think I currently have any hobbies

look! well good


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Gonna start sticking little flags in dog poo. It’s just a start but who knows where it could take me?

Don’t you go cycling?

If I chose a hobby, it would be not because I enjoy it. No, it would be some kind of distraction/displacement activity to take my mind of stuff, like my life…


Genuinely don’t know how people find the time or energy. Always see threads on here where people are doing all sorts of stuff, then making their own bread and all sorts of other gubbins. How do you all do it? Work part time? Have a cleaner? Live in squalor?

Used to paint warhammer stuff when I was about 12 listening to radio 1, fond memories! It is kinda relaxing and peaceful, reckon it’s a similar feeling I get shading in my paint drawings really, just slowly seeing something come together over time.

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if you post pictures of plants i’ll definitely enjoy it

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Yeah, there’s a lot of people pretending they do anything outside of work during the week on more than one evening a week, which is obviously nonsense

helps if you live in a #cityofculture

are you gonna buy a switch again to play smash bros?

Didn’t realise you lived in Hull.

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might get one if they release a good zelda game for it badum tsh


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Nah, lived in London for ages. That shit gets really boring.

That’s not a hobby, that’s just being a twat.