I hope it's Tuesday evening

And I hope nobody has beaten me to making the evening thread

Looks like I’m safe.

What’s for dinner?
What does the evening have in store?
Anyone fancy a beer?

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alright rob. hope you’re keeping well.

mama’s curry tonight :partying_face: :curry:
will read some book, watch some television, maybe have a beer.

alright rob?

Had a nice day?

Just waiting for my tumbler to finish, drinking coffee and listening to a podcast. Sorry I lead a pretty boring life

Evening @Tuna, @Bamnan

My days seem to start well then go swiftly downhill when I get stuck into work. I think the work I go is appreciated but I really need a break from it. I’m taking a few extra days after the long weekend though.

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Coffee? At 6pm? Are you crazy?!?



We are having a good standard weekday spicy rice, haloumi and sweetcorn dinner.
No evening plans beyond some animal crossing and hopefully watch Grayson Perry recorded from yesterday.
Yes I would like a beer or maybe gin and tonic but am working in school tomorrow with a load of meetings too so better not.

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Evening rob. Not very hungry after eating too many Lindt balls so will wait til post walk for dinner. Not much else going on.

@rich-t what’s all this about then? Your store taking part?


Ah, yes. Dinner. It was a baked gnocchi thing from one of the roasting tin books.

After Jimbo’s bedtime I’ll have a pudding beer. I’ve got some cans of Arundel Maple Chocolate stout in the fridge.

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We found our local M&S on deliveroo last week. They’ve cheekily our up the delivery cost since then though.

Snapped the hydraulic line on our excavator.

So work done until its fixed most likely thursday.

Coors in my future.

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Want beer but also have headache

Dinner is either leftover curry or marinated tofu, depending on which is gonna expire sooner

Read in beam of sunlight until then

This. Made such a berk of myself earlier. Did that joke work? I don’t know I left a pause for people to laugh but everyone was on mute so…?


No Bull burger in my homemade sourdough roll (and some leftover bits to use up).

Didnt watch NT Live Frankenstein last night so will do tonight.

Not been walking yet, should probably pop out.

sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit burnt out, hope you have some nice relaxing stuff to look forward to for next week

oh I drink coffee up to about 11pm


While reading my book and nibbling on some cheese.

Feel meh about DiS

Gonna go into my hovel and eat fried rice and watch below deck sailing

see ya

Exhausted but it’s friday night so that’s nice. Having sausage rolls, chips and beans for tea. Possibly wine but more likely beers.


oooo its Cinco De Mayo, might have to crank the drinking meter up from a 7.5 to a 9.

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