I hope it's Tuesday evening

Might have a hot chocolate after R gets to sleep. Unless I fall asleep first, which isn’t an unlikely outcome despite spending a lot of the day sleeping. Bit broken currently.

:wave: hi all,

Full on day with five (5) meetings all via Teams and now I’m exhausted. Genuinely might have a cocktail. I’ve got a peanut butter and banana bread in the oven as some sort of experimental way of using up the bananas that were nearly black. Now trying to build my new website but can do this on the sofa whilst watching :tv:

Wasn’t gonna drink hmmm…

ate a nice curry homemade curry for dinner.

Lockdown rules are the same as airport rules, it’s fine to drink any day/time.

Cheers! :cocktail: :beers:

Hi everyone :wave:

Having Tom yum soup for tea.

That’s about it :man_shrugging:

Next week should have been my biggest week of the year. Brighton Festival would have been in full swing, the great escape would have started at the end of the week, we were meant to have friends over from Canada and it would have been our anniversary. I guess it’s still our anniversary though, so that’s one out of four.


stick that in je pijp en smoke it hoogy!!!


Cheers DiS


What percentage we talking here brother

5.1 percenter, 19 ounce can.

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It’s an initiative that most stores won’t be taking part in. It’s ran by deliveroo out of franchise stores (mainly hospital, train station and service station/petrol station stores).

That’s not Coors!!!

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19.2 to be precise

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We’ve had tortellini and it was delicious.

Wor Lass made a smoothie with berries out of the freezer.

I should be doing homework tonight but I’ve also got a biography to write for my D&D character so I know what I’ll probably be doing.


oh i see

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My local store and a petrol station are on it but with ‘opening later’ so I don’t know if they’ve not opened yet or have and are just shit for the day. Would be pretty tempted to use it if there’s a decent range.

I do enjoy other beers occasionally :rofl:

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No thats only Viking Blod

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