I just don't know how we cope with snow so badly in this country

You never see Canada having to cancel all the trains do you and they get it a lot worse than we do. It’s not like we didn’t know it was going to snow.

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There’s only an inch on the lines, come on guys sort it out

I remember reading that the big difference here is that when it’s cold and snowy, it’s around 0 degrees, and things freeze, then melt, then freeze again, making it much more difficult that Canada, where it’s just frozen for a few months.

Don’t give them excuses, Robert. We’re embarrassingly bad at it and I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

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only the british could be in the midst of a so called super heatwave and find the time to complain about snow.


I’d like to know Facebook Uncle’s take on the snow

I love that programme

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All this snow will just be black sludge by the morning I wouldn’t worry too much about it

It’s embarrassing though isn’t it.

Seeing an email from a colleague that’s like “I won’t make it in today, the snow has wreaked havoc on the trains” it’s like fucking walk in then!

GRIT :clap: BINS :clap:


latest -


I see none of the schools are open today! Typical. This whole country grinds to a halt in this weather

It’s actually really, really hot today. No snow to worry about. It’s just annoying to think about it.


Oh right gotcha. Gee Whizz I feel like a prize plum pudding

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can’t be sure though can you. very changeable, the weather


I’m pretty confident it’s not going to snow in the UK today

Tbh though I’ve had three days off for snow in the last 2 years so I can’t hate it too much

ant “always bloody complaining” pocalypsenow :roll_eyes:

Like when that tiger escaped from the zoo in Kent. Local people so ill prepared. Embarrassing really.

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I’m actually a positive ray of sunshine in an increasingly dark world