I just drink when I'm thirsty

Love you

Well it can kill you for one thing. That’s quite a negative effect.

Tap water here tastes like swimming pools so I try and avoid it


Was thinking more about impact on bladder function, etc.

This was my philosophy until I got kidney stones

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This might not be actual science but I always tend to think: coffee has water in. Beer has water in. Wine has water in.

I’m hydrated as fuck


I drink water when I want, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely given water by the dustmen


Parched life!



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So I believe the whole ‘you have to drink n cups of water a day’ study that became so popular a few years ago was actually accurate but misreported.

What it boils down to, iirc, is that the human body does need the equivalent of 8 cups of water a day but due to how this was presented to the public, it neglected to mention that well over half of this comes to you anyway through your food’s natural water content.

So basically it is true that you need this amount of water a day but it’s not true that you need to drink that much every day because you hydrate through eating.

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legit nothing terrifies me more than kidney stones

if you don’t mind my asking, how long ago was it and how awful was it?

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Couple of years ago I first had it and had to go to A&E in the middle of the night as pain was so bad. I’ve actually got some scans booked at the end of this week as been suffering some similar discomfort / symptoms recently and think they might be back. Drinking lots of water with lemon / lime juice seems to help a lot though.

One of my main issues is that I very rarely get thirsty if I’m just sitting about in the house, which is what I do most days. So I barely drink unless I make a point to do it.

relatively recently I started drinking fucking loads of soda water with fresh lime

if this has saved me from kidney stones then I am delighted

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and hope it all goes ok with the scans!


It is inevitable that after 90 minutes of sheer hell, you’re gonna get thirsty

Just went on Dinosaur Comics for the first time in literal years, and would you know it - it’s relevant to this thread!

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Now that’s a blast from the past, and it’s still as good (or depending on your taste not funny, but I think it’s funny so blah) as it used to be

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These pretzels are making me thirsty


I’m pretty much always thirsty and I find even a bit of salt knocks me out. I also pee a lot. So I drink a lot.

Feel like, as a society, we drink a lot more water than we used to? Like, ten years ago, you’d have a glass of water next to your bed, maybe, and if you’d done some exercise or it was a hot do, sure, but now everyone’s carrying around water bottles and swigging down litres of the stuff all the time. I just downed a pint of water with my lunch without thinking about it. Reckon they must put something in it to make it addictive now.

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