I just got a bowl of peanuts out for a snack 🥜

And both of the other people around seem SHOCKED that I’m eating peanuts in the middle of the day. Like it’s only a nighttime snack!?

When is it ok to eat peanuts?
  • You can obviously eat peanuts whenever you like
  • Strict nighttime regulations in place
  • Other (specify below)

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Call it deconstructed peanut butter and they’ll be fine with it.

other please specify: about 10:30am onwards

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What sort of peanuts?

Abaolutely fine

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Where do you draw the line??

Quite happy to eat peanuts for breakfast, maybe with a banana. That’s a nice breakfast right there.

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@Kallgeese needs to specify

Oh I don’t! Peanuts are fine any time of day

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How long do you think KP have been passionate about their nuts and how long do you reckon they spend in the sun before being picked?

Peanuts are pretty dry I’ve noticed so I wouldn’t eat them in the morning

Wet foods only in the morning please

I wouldn’t think of them as specific to a certain time, but I know some schools and nurseries will prohibit them in the whole establishment if they have children with known allergies, maybe these people had experienced similar allergy-based daytime bans?

Does this also apply to morning drinks for you?

Yeah, wet drinks only in the morning please


Yeah, same for me actually

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We’re like dogs in that respect

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Yeah, also slugs

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No peanuts ever.

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They were members of my family and we were in my parents’ home so I can say with some certainty that this wasn’t the issue. More that it’s something you tend to have with beer/wine in the evening sometimes.