I just got sent


via whatsapp, a 30 second video of a naan bread on a turntable playing a bhangra song. This is from my mother’s partner.


Can this be real?


My Dad called me on Whatsapp a few months back.

He said “I’m calling you on Whatsapp”. I said “I know”.


This has given me an idea for a thread


Sounds like something MPBH would do


Do you need my Dad to sign up?


To be fair they would probably get on.


This is like when mum used to phone me on my mobile and seemed surprised I knew it was her calling.


So are you implying your stepdad is a bit racist?


He is NOT my stepdad and yes he is and a massive penis to boot. One redeeming feature is that the kids love playing with him.


then what did he say


Probably something about having had lunch in Southend.

I can’t remember, I’m afraid.


Alright Lonzy.


Touched a nerve


Is this the thread about @Balonz and his racist stepdad that I saw advertised on Twitter?


You what?

(NOT my stepdad)