I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread



so, so shit

Wednesday Morning and Afternoon Thread (20/06/18)

I just saw the YouTube picture there

Ffs ed


Find that less annoying than his other songs

Him being a successful popstar almost validates the parallel universe theory


What I find more offensive is the trend of having music videas that show the lyrics when the lyrics are average and forgettable,


On another note which is ed sheerans worst tattoo? He has a few monstrosities like the lion on his chest or the Heinze tomato ketchup on his arm.


I’ve never seen ed sheeran naked, sorry


Ed Sheeran loves dancehall


Good pop song. His fans like it. Who cares.


yeah let’s just not bother discussing anything at all.

Come on guys, lets go home


It’s very, very shit


My mistake I didn’t realise you were discussing anything. I stupidly thought you posted the song and just wrote shit next to it.



you are stupid because i didn’t post it


and you love ed sheeran


Struggle to get any emotional response out of that song either way tbh

It exists.



shape of ye, pal


this actually sounds like Flight of the Conchords


This is just as bad as any of the chart pap put out in the 60s and onwards tbh, it’s just very ‘now’ (and obviously shit but in answer to your title, no)


Although it’s basically just a shitter version of this


I wrote three whole paragraphs trying to analyse this. I’ve just deleted them. It’s kind-of comically shit (especially the verse about going for an all-you-can-eat meal).