I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


Yes, Steve Tyler and Ed Sheeran - always get those two mixed up. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am constantly flabbergasted by the appeal of this guy

Just saw this come up from his concert promoter here in Australia:

"The biggest concert tour in Australian and New Zealand concert history is finally here!

On the eve of the tour’s kick-off tomorrow night at Perth’s Optus Stadium, we’re thrilled to reveal that Ed Sheeran’s AU/NZ tour has surpassed a mammoth 1,000,000 ticket sales!

This achievement sees Ed well and truly breaking Dire Straits’ record for the most tickets sold (950,000 tickets) on one tour of Australia and New Zealand, a record no other artist has broken in the 32 years since the band’s 1986 tour.

In addition to cracking one million ticket sales, Ed’s seven city, eighteen show stadium tour has also broken the following records:

:trophy: Highest ticket sales for a single concert tour in Australia

:trophy: Highest ticket sales for a single concert tour in New Zealand

:trophy: Biggest stadium tour of Australia and New Zealand

:trophy: Venue record for most number of shows on one tour
Optus Stadium (Perth), Etihad Stadium (Melbourne), Suncorp Stadium(Brisbane), Forsyth Barr Stadium (Dunedin)

:trophy: Venue record for highest cumulative attendance on one tour
— Optus Stadium, ANZ Stadium (Sydney), Etihad Stadium, Mt Smart Stadium (Auckland), Suncorp Stadium, Forsyth Barr Stadium
— Notably, Dunedin cumulative ticket sales are close to equal of the city’s population!

:trophy: Venue record for highest attendance for a single show
— Optus Stadium, Suncorp Stadium, Mt Smart Stadium, Forsyth Barr Stadium"


Admit it, your people SUCK! :smiley:

Also that’s kind of incredible that the last act to do this was Dire Straits. Maybe says a lot more about how many huge acts can’t be fucked to do a proper Australian Tour, though.


Fortunately, it’s not yet compulsory to attend a concert, merely because everyone else in the cit5y is attending.

I hope the Ed Sheeran concert is on a weekend. (Can’t be bothered checking the dates.) One of the issues with the new Perth stadium is that the only viable way to get there is by train (or walking). I fully support that - people need to get rid of the mindset of expecting to take their car everywhere - but it does mean extra stress on the train system, and when there’s a week night event it can mess around with the travel plans of people just trying to get home from work. Teething problems maybe; guess it’s a sign of the city growing up.


I know I know! Obviously Australia loves him - I know from my social media feed he seems to have that appeal that spans across generations, and male/female. Of course all these people in my feed have terrible taste!

And yeah I thought something would have popped up between Dire Straits and Ed. From memory AC/DC and Pink had huge tours recently

Can never trust Australian music fans - responsible in part for keeping the careers alive for such luminaries as the Wombats, the Kooks, Gomez to name a few


Maybe its a weird split between some really large stadiums having opened since the last big act tour and the number of dates done by Sheeran and Straits before him?


Guilty as charged. You can’t blame us for Ed Sheeran though.


That may be part of it. There was a period of about five years between the demolition of the old Perth Entertainment Centre and the opening of the Perth Arena in 2011, when Perth did not have an indoor venue capable of hosting mega-popular acts like Dire Straits, ABBA, Kiss or Elton John.

I believe ABBA still hold the record for attendances at the Entertainment Centre - five sell-out shows.

I am pretty sure the number of dates is driven by the demand, rather than the other way round.


That’s probably on the money. Looking at wiki for the Dire Straits tour, they played a ridiculous amount of shows here! And I think there weren’t enough appropriate stadiums at the time

Big tours that come are doing 1 maybe 2 stadium shows, not Sheeran of course! He’d have to be relatively cheap from a production point I’m guessing


So going off this:

Friday 2 March – Perth Stadium, Perth
Saturday 3 March – Perth Stadium, Perth
Wednesday 7 March – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Friday 9 March – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Saturday 10 March – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Sunday 11 March – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Monday 12 March – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Thursday 15 March – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Friday 16 March – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Saturday 17 March – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Tuesday 20 March – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Wednesday 21 March – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Saturday 24 March – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland
Sunday 25 March – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland
Monday 26 March – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland
Thursday 29 March – Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
Saturday 31 March – Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
Sunday 1 April – Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin

We have to regretfully conclude the rankings are

Adelaide best
Bris/Perth tied in 2nd
Sydney the 3rd best, tied with two NZ places
Melbourne - shittest population in Aus.

I can’t say I’m happy about this.


Interesting. He is playing in Dunedin but not in Christchurch, which is a lot larger than Dunedin.

I suspect that the huge sales for the Dunedin shows are partly explained by people coming from out of town, especially Christchurch.


Yep Melbourne needs to have a long hard look at itself with those dates!


No stadium in Christchurch since the earthquake. Not even one underway. Seven years. :frowning:

Also no Wellington date as our stadium doesn’t have a roof and apparently a lot of music fans are total babies and won’t go to gigs where it might rain. Whereas the Dunedin stadium is new and covered. So yeah, lot of out of towners going to those shows.


Wonder if the Etihad Stadium will have a lot of Ed Sheeran fans dressed as blue seats?


I used to work in a bar with three Aussies and I remember being so confused when one of them put the Wombats on and they all knew it and were singing along. This was like two years ago and I hadn’t heard of or thought about the Wombats since about 2010, I’d assumed they’d broken up.


Not that I fully understand this, mind. I assumed Arsenal would have red and white seats


So close, so Theo :smile:

(I assume you are purposefully joking) :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t the Arsenal ground the Etihad Stadium?


Nope. Arsenal are Emirates. Man City are Etihad. (Easy mistake to make, tbf, they’re both soulless hangers that are quite often empty)


Oh right. It’s because they’re both Airlines I think.