I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


Someone told me, and he said it like he knew it was fact, that many stadiums (stadia?) have seats in a variety of colours, and they do it specifically so that a block of empty seats is less noticeable to performers and (probably more significantly to them) to advertisers.


Congratulations! You’ve just been hired as the head of Crowd Control at both Manchester City and Arsenal football clubs.

What experience do you have in the strange phenomenon known as anitbants?


and Sheeran’s response to his ticket sales in Australia

“Feels weird to have like one-in-23 people come to a show, that does feel a bit odd”

Fuck you Ed!


Quite like his assumption that
(a) his fans are into him but not that into him that they come for multiple nights on a single tour
(b) ticket touts buying up huge numbers of tickets aren’t a thing


None. No idea what that is.
Before you tell me to Google it, I did, and the search returns no results.


There’s got to be hundreds of thousands from bugduv alone!


Fully fuck you, Ed. His speech at the Brits was similarly nauseating. Corporate cunt.


I just asked Siri. She told the answer was Rihanna. I’m willing to go along with that.


It’s witchcraft - that’s all you need to know…


I agree. It is rife here in Glasgow. For some reason, certain people just desperately want to be Irish and will claim they are Irish when, in fact, it turns out that one of their Grandparents is Irish. That does not make you Irish.


Celtic fans you mean?




Wow. Really well prepared mentally for fatherhood - I don’t think.

Ed might want to study up a bit on family planning. Last I heard, babies go through a fairly extended period during which they just lie there, cry a lot, need to be fed, and need their nappy changed regularly. Of course no doubt he could afford a team of nurses to take on those annoying chores… they don’t “walk around” until some time has gone by, at which point they are generally referred to as toddlers rather than babies.

Sounds like he thinks of children as a fashion statement, something to show off to your friends like your new car or your new suit.

I used to think “I can’t stand his music but I suppose he’s an OK guy”, but the more I learn about him the more I realise what a wanker he is.


Wake up, Sheeran sheeples! Justin Casablancas has spoken


A lot of people taking the piss out of Julian for that interview, and at times he’s very clunky with what he’s trying to communicate, but it’s hard to argue with statements like this:

" My bigger point is more that there is music with quality that gets ignored. We don’t live in a world where Transformers is nominated for Best Picture, so why do we live in a dimension where the music equivalent of that is nominated for Grammys? "


I like Justin, and I like that he takes an interest in and discuss political matters, etc. But even if I agree with his point here it’s not really possible to complain about this without coming across a bit “old man shouts at cloud”

That Transformers quote is a good one, mind


And let’s be honest, in ten years no-one is going to remember Ariel Pink other than being that guy who was a bit misogynistic to Madonna and Grimes that one time.


I like this bit:

Everyone knows David Bowie now, but I bet he was pretty underground in the ’70s.


If you like that you’ll love his confusion at Hendrix having been a success during his own lifetime.


Here’s a list of some other underground 70’s artists that are worth checking out:
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Stevie Wonder
Elton John
Fleetwood Mac