I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves it's own thread


Julian and his trendy ‘underground’ records eh.


I suppose he has a point in that Fame was his only really big hit in America and he never had a number 1 album until Blackstar, he definitely wasn’t underground though.


when did Kasabian play there?


Very good, very good :slight_smile:

Was just down in Dunedin and the Council and media have gone full Sheeran, it’s like he’s a fucking royal or something visiting them. Bit small-time, bit embarrassing.


I dunno, the Grammys are a lot worse than the Oscars, but the Oscars are far from perfect. [I mean, we live in a world where the best picture Oscar is invariably American, or _maybe_ English. Actual reality doesn’t look like that…]


Totally agree, but for Joe Public they probably find most Oscar nominees ‘niche’ already. I think the point is that popularity doesn’t equate to quality. It’s all opinions of course.
My own personal opinion is that I couldn’t care less about bands winning awards so it’s a moot point.
Just trying to show that Julian C is making points we broadly agree with but the hamfisted way he has done so has brought ridicule.
To get this thread back on track: I don’t like Ed Sheeran.


Oscars aren’t a barometer of quality, the Grammy’s don’t matter, Julian Stroke is a centrist dad


We live in topsy-turvy times don’t we

Brexit, Trump, Ed Sheeran etc.


Just saw Big Ed has covered ‘Candle in the Wind’ for a new Elton John tribute album. Buzzing to hear that bad boy!


It’s like the aural equivalent of chemical warfare. I cannot think of a worse double-header.

Where the hell can it go from here?

Music by committee.


Things got heated in work the other day when I said I think he’s shit. I was took to task on why I hate him, hate is a negative emotion (btw, nobody is more full of pixie dust and the joy of living than I). I said I don’t hate him at all, I neautrally and dispassionately view him to be shit. There’s quite a lot of strong feeling about Big Ed out there, people love him, even the ex-goth who these days listens only to Pixies and Philip Glass thinks you have to hand it to The Sheeran. He’s the Lady Di of my generation.


King of Hearts :heart: