I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


Julian and his trendy ‘underground’ records eh.


I suppose he has a point in that Fame was his only really big hit in America and he never had a number 1 album until Blackstar, he definitely wasn’t underground though.


when did Kasabian play there?


Very good, very good :slight_smile:

Was just down in Dunedin and the Council and media have gone full Sheeran, it’s like he’s a fucking royal or something visiting them. Bit small-time, bit embarrassing.


I dunno, the Grammys are a lot worse than the Oscars, but the Oscars are far from perfect. [I mean, we live in a world where the best picture Oscar is invariably American, or _maybe_ English. Actual reality doesn’t look like that…]


Totally agree, but for Joe Public they probably find most Oscar nominees ‘niche’ already. I think the point is that popularity doesn’t equate to quality. It’s all opinions of course.
My own personal opinion is that I couldn’t care less about bands winning awards so it’s a moot point.
Just trying to show that Julian C is making points we broadly agree with but the hamfisted way he has done so has brought ridicule.
To get this thread back on track: I don’t like Ed Sheeran.


Oscars aren’t a barometer of quality, the Grammy’s don’t matter, Julian Stroke is a centrist dad


We live in topsy-turvy times don’t we

Brexit, Trump, Ed Sheeran etc.


Just saw Big Ed has covered ‘Candle in the Wind’ for a new Elton John tribute album. Buzzing to hear that bad boy!


It’s like the aural equivalent of chemical warfare. I cannot think of a worse double-header.

Where the hell can it go from here?

Music by committee.


Things got heated in work the other day when I said I think he’s shit. I was took to task on why I hate him, hate is a negative emotion (btw, nobody is more full of pixie dust and the joy of living than I). I said I don’t hate him at all, I neautrally and dispassionately view him to be shit. There’s quite a lot of strong feeling about Big Ed out there, people love him, even the ex-goth who these days listens only to Pixies and Philip Glass thinks you have to hand it to The Sheeran. He’s the Lady Di of my generation.


King of Hearts :heart:


i assumed that they were about as big and as popular as each other

but apparently not, 24m monthly listeners vs 43m monthly listeners

i mean that’s a fucking enormous difference


weren’t people not as into Taylor’s most recent record though? If you looked at this when 1989 came out it would probably be about the same


Ha. Such a weird perspective from yr ex-Goth.

I mean I recall seeing a bit of a Glasto performance a few years back and yeah, the guy clearly is good on stage, has his loop pedal shit together and so forth and, judging by all he’s done, knows how to write a catchy song.

I think you have to be a bit weird to think it’s not possible to also think he’s completely SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT even if you admit all the above. I always find it weird when people fixate like that. What I just said about Sheeran is also true of basically every artist I think is amazing so why does it matter?


As much as it pains me, pre-reputation Taylor Swift’s all time number one fan, to say it; reputation is pretty much equally as shite as Theodore Sheeran’s recent output. Both sound cynical as shit, artists who formerly had their own schtick now awkwardly rebranding themselves to fit into more currently prevalent styles and pulling it off really poorly. I can’t work out why Taylor’s been met with indifference and people still lap up Ed. And Taylor still looks like she should be a pop star, see Ed Sheeran knocking around and he looks so unlike a person who should be a pop star, not even in that endearing Chris Martin way either.


I’d posit, because 1989 is actually good and people respected it, so Reputation is a disappointment, whereas no one respected Sheer-lad so if anything he’s achieved his peak goals and then some.


Yeah and a kind of flipside to that is that I think Taylor Swift fans include a huge demographic of more ‘muso’ types (as shown by the number of her fans on here vs Sheeran’s) so they are more critical.

FWIW @iamwiggy I’d imagine that fact that Swift refused to have her stuff on Spotify for so long probably plays into it a lot more: people who are her fans had to buy the records/MP3s and so they probably play them using another music device and hence her plays will be impacted in Spotify in way that Sheeran’s won’t because he’s always been fully streamable.


Sexist media narratives being what they are though, a lot of talk around Taylor’s work goes out of its way to downplay or remove Taylor’s own talent and vision and songwriting skill. While the opposite is true for Ed, everybody seems to want to talk about how credible he is and ascribe an undue amount of talent to him, because he fits the acceptable pop music profile of solo white male with guitar who writes his songs.


Agree about sexist narratives… does anyone try and make ed seem legit? I literally pay no attention to that world tbf