I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


Ed needs to up his game, frankly

Taylor also wasn’t on Spotify during her most successful period as I think others have said as well.


I mean I can certainly imagine there are people out there who’d rate him. He wrote a song for One Direction and people on here seemed to be broadly positive about them, although maybe everyone thinks that song is shit.


I will drink wine if there is a bottle on the go. I enjoy it but I know nothing about it at all, couldn’t tell the difference between a cheap wine and an expensive one or different kinds of grape or whatever and I don’t have the palate or the inclination to try and learn, I just drink it when it’s there really.

Once I remember that this is basically how a huge bunch of people experience music, Ed sheeran’s success makes more sense.


The first paragraph also reads like a verse from an Ed Sheeran song


I do have a scrubby ginger beard and I’ve never been seen in the same room at the same time as him… :roll_eyes:


And, now that I think about it, I have all these weird blanks in my memory where afterwards I come to covered in money and shit tattoos.


That is a great description.


one direction are a boyband and always been marketed as popstars which is fine cos that’s what they are

ed sheeran is a popstar who is marketed as an artist

he’s not an artist, he’s a businessman with a musical product and very fucking effective at what he does (write tunes for £££)

it’s frustrating to see him marketed as if he’s actually got anything remotely interesting to say when he really really hasn’t


why is it frustrating? just ignore it? It’s just capitalism brah


It would not matter so much, except I’m sure we can all name one or more artists that we think are genuinely more deserving of public acclaim - not to mention the public’s money. Sure money isn’t everything, but unless an artist or band has a certain minimum amount it’s pretty hard for them to continue with musical output.

A weird thing I’ve noticed about Ed Sheeran is that he looks like a younger version of Elton John. I don’t mean he looks like Elton did when he was that age. I mean if you take Elton as he currently looks (check out the cover of Wonderful Crazy Night if you can manage to do so without throwing up) and imagine it retouched to remove wrinkles and puffy cheeks and the like, a sort of Dorian Gray treatment. Perhaps that’s why Elton seems so buddy-buddy with him.


sure, lots of acts perhaps “deserve more attention” but we’re talking about a corporate world that exists with a basic capitalist structure which probably isn’t going to change anytime soon, so as far as I’m concerned it’s a completely different, more publically visible sphere to the rest of music catering to, as a couple people have said, the vast majority of people who are pretty casual with their music, only buy and attend a few things a year (if that).

It’s not like “indie music” or whatever is struggling, fucking Alvvays sold out the Roundhouse the other day! There are a countless amount of talented small bands out there who struggle to get their foot in the door, but there are a dozen and a half reasons why they don’t all “make it” and that’s the case with pretty much any sector as long as we’re operating in the means we are.


Can’t help but see Sheeran as like the Trump of pop music.

You know, cis white men backlashing against societal change by putting the absolute worst of their kind right at the top as some kind of weird needlessly defensive message to everyone else.

Obviously this isn’t what’s happened, but with lack of another clear explanation for his success, I like to think it is.


I don’t think it has anything to do with gender or gender identity, and probably very little to do with skin colour.


Straight cis white man?


I bet that he is largerly a white phenomenon


Seems like it’s mostly right leaning girls who like James Cordon


Hobbies: Sleeping, breathing, dying


This is pretty embarrassing


Fucking hell: Sheeran, Barlow and Corden - the unholy trinity like.


That mural looks more like Jarvis Cocker than Ed Sheeran. Also loving the detailed map showing exactly where Dunedin is.