I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread




Well he certainly does my 'ed in.


TBF there are lots of massive pop stars who are female and/or non-white, and a lot of them are shit too. It’s not like all the world’s pop stars are pasty white blokes with acoustic guitars.


Why does Ed Sheeran annoy me so much?

He’s probably a hard working, salt of the earth guy who just got big right? Need to check I’m not being a traitor to my class.


because he has an inane grin and makes really simpering vanilla music


there is that


Mate you should see the coverage in the NZ media, honestly like 5 articles a day. Currently including: “Is Ed a (Wellington) Hurricanes fan?” [alongside me, Taika Waititi and your man Prince Harry]; “Is Ed having a day off in Masterton?”; “Five songs we’d love Ed to play” [the fucking nadir of all journalism, literally listing five of his biggest hits, and ignoring the fact that he plays the exact same set at every show, as 30 seconds Googling would have shown you].

Completely embarrassing country, or at least media, going gaga over every visiting pop star.


Lord almighty. And to think this is the city that spawned the Flying Nun label. How times change.




You Need Ed Sheerman

Ed Sheerman Doesn’t Need You


A close friend (in this video) said he finished second to Ed in the race to win a record deal at music college, but one in three people in Britain probably did.


It just gets weirder. Poor Michael Kiwanuka.


Whoever in Spotify lined up his candle in the wind cover to play right after the new Olafur Arnalds song needs sacking.


just heard ed sheerman on the radio

(shape of you)




wake up sheerple!



ed sheerman is on the radio

(castle on the hill)


the cynic in me says this was intentionally made wrong, mainly for attention but possibly for shabs and bants purposes


ed sheerman is on the radio

(galway girl)