I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


spending hours and hours talking about sweet and sour.



Thank God someone’s continuing the long-held British tradition of white artists embarrassingly appropriating Jamaican music.


He’s just looking to win the ‘Best black person in the world ever’ award again this year


Does that mean Ed Sheeran is the new Mick Hucknall?


This bit

and this:

same fucking key and everything

Kiss a ginger day
Nagging musical similarities

Now this is fucking awful


Hes genuinely awful. Not in a sense that hes popular so must be shit, but his music is really really bad. Plua Im not having this “yeah but hes a good guy” , hes a twerp. Music for aunties


As @colon_closed_bracket points out, it’s essentially just ace of base


This man is fucking everywhere at the moment, it’s like he’s the dictator of the Democratic Republic of Shitpop Raining Fascist Island


Top 3 most inexplicably successful men in showbiz alongside James Corden and Calvin Harris


Can’t decide what about this song is most offensive, and I actually quite like some of his stuff. This, though; this is just baffling.


sweet christ. wish he’d stop pretending to be irish.


For some inexplicable reason the new At the Drive-In videos have this. No need at all


The three are an axis of tedium.


Only just dipping into this thread. I mean you’re sort of right but actually this song’s chorus is just TLC’s No Scrubs.

If you Google those it seems I’m not alone in thinking this. How did none of you mention it in the thread?

(That Galway Girl one is fucking horrendous too.)


Yeah, totally. To the extent that I’ve had this shite as an on-and-off earworm for about a month now and every so often it morphs into No Scrubs. There are some dark arts at work.


It’s the acid house smiley on his bellend.


He’s headlining Glastonbury :+1:


parents took me out for sunday lunch yesterday. the restaurant were playing the album. ffs.