I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves it's own thread


That is absolutely shocking. Shame that Bieber didn’t twat him with the golf club.


So many awful lines in this, but I find “your love was handmade for somebody like me”’ particularly punch-the-wall egregious


Fucking Hell. I think I need therapy after watching that.


Very sad times :weary:


He’s the Mick Hucknell fucking reboot.


“He’s also borderline obsessed with stats and the inner workings of the music industry and has admitted the album was delayed by a few months to avoid other releases which might have been competition.”



So ruddy bloody gruddy bloody urban



That Castle on the Hill song is one of my most hated songs for a very long time. The awful mawkish faux-sentimentality and apeing of the worst traits of Coldplay…it makes my ears bleed. Stuff like that sells a fuck load of records though I suppose, which is obviously the only point of it.


Heard this shite THREE TIMES TODAY, getting firmly into physical assault if I ever clock him territory.


another example of the regressive, crypto-facist left guys


bang on tbf


I ended up being in a situation where I heard the entirety of this album twice…

You know what I never liked his music but it wouldn’t evoke the kind of negative reaction from me like this record. Everything is so calculated, like it’s an album that was written in front of a marketing committee, and also can we talk about the mastering? This shit is mastered worse than the shit made during the height of the loudness wars.




I do a lot of driving in my job and I’ve heard the album through a couple of times now and I was trying to pinpoint what it is that makes me hate this record so much and you’ve nailed it. It’s just SO clinical and calculated in every sense that it’s like they got a focus group to find out what the general public is into now and fed it into a machine costing millions of ££ and this album came out at the end.


They mentioned this on the radio. Puts him on a par with Elvis apparently. A bit like how one direction started equalling records set by the Beatles.



At least P4K hate it. Sales will plummet I’m sure…


Something sinister about the cunt


Contender for worst lyrics of the year…

“Your love was handmade for somebody like me”

What does that even mean?