I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves it's own thread




None of it means anything, thinking about a single second of it with any depth is an instant headache because it’s all just so much pointless crap.




Ed Sheeeeeran all ovvvvvvver your OINK.


:neutral_face: http://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-chart/


It’s a bad sign when I think ‘Rag N Bone Man got robbed’


Only two of those are singles. Singles chart is fucked


Musical Huel




Bland, tasteless music with no purpose other than to fill an emptiness inside.


don’t think the people who like ed sheeran feel emptiness.


Just realised how awful St Patricks day will be when ‘Galway girl’ is playing everywhere




Not where I’m from


Thats genuinely awful


oh christ hes in the People Just DO Nothing sketch for RND



Just heard Galway Girl. Jesus.

I can just imagine being trapped in O’Neils whilst this is on repeat with loads of pissed dickheads singing along and doing little jigs.

If you want a definition of hell that’s it ^^^^^^^^^^^^


Just listened, its proper laugh out loud funny